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Wageningen International E-news
Capacity Development & Institutional Change

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Dear Orhan Ozcatalbas,

Spring time is probably the busiest period for our training programme with a variety of courses ongoing. Yet we are also preparing the course programmes for 2010 and you will be pleased to know that the new course calendar is now available on our website. Course information details for courses in the first half of 2010 is also available on our website and we hope you will find the programme challenging and of interest to yourself and your colleagues. Please feel free to share the information within your network.

Besides course programmes we've been involved in several capacity development initiatives that we think might be of interst for you and we like to share some of their outcomes in this e-newsletter. Social returns on investment (SROI) for example. This relatively new concept was discussed in a recent seminar in Wagenigen. In this e-newsletter you can find a link to the website for more background on the concept of SROI and the outcome of the seminar.
Furthermore, some Wageningen Inernational colleagues took part in the World Water Forum in Turkey and reviewed the learning processes of the forum.

Naturally, you will also find some interesting new publications and interviews with participants and facilitators of our capacity development activities

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,
Felicia van der Does
Communications Officer

*Wageningen International news:

Wageningen UR honours remarkable alumni

On March 9, Wageningen UR presented the Alumnus Award for Innovative Development went to Dr Paul Kibwika from Uganda. Dr Paul Kibwika obtained his PHd in Wageningen in 2006 with his thesis "Learning to make a change".

The Outstanding Alumnus award went to Dr Ruud Kleinpaste from New Zeeland. Dr Ruud Kleinpaste graduated from Wageningen in 1978.

Both award winners were presented with a certificate and a statuette. These awards are presented once every four years to honour Wageningen alumni who have continued onto a remarkable career. Read more

Do you know any remarkable Wageningen International/IAC alumnus? Let us know so we can feature the alumnus in one of our upcoming newsletters.

Wageningen International at World Water Forum 2009
From 16 - 22 March the World Water Forum was held in Istanbul, Turkey. One of the speakers at the World Water Council was the Crown Prince of the Netherlands, Prince Willem Alexander.

Wageningen International was contracted by the World Water Council to review the gain insights on how to optimise the opportunities for stakeholder learning and change processes and to review, document and communicate the results of such processes. The results will be presented to the World Water Council in June 2009.

Read more

Record number of PPME participants
This year the annual course Participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation - managing for impact, had a record number of 67 participants from 23 different countries. Three PPME particpants give their view on the course in video interviews. Course coordinator Cecile Kusters also reflects back on the experience.

To our website for the interviews

Seminar report: Pro-poor LED
How do you make local economic development pro- poor? What makes Public-Private Partnerships in local economic development successful? What are the roles of local goverment and civil society in local economic development?

These were some of the questions which particpants to the seminar of Fostering Pro-poor Local Economic Development focused on. This seminar was organised on 18 February 2009 bij Wageningen International and the Royal Tropical Institute. The results of the seminar are documented in the seminar report.
For more information:

Seminar report

Social Return on Investment (SROI)
How do you measure returns on investment that can not be measured in a montary value? Returns such as social and environmental impacts, which are just as important for sustainable change. There is an increasing need by practitioners around the world to have a methodology to do exactly that.
On 16 March 2009 the Seminar Social Return on Investment was organised by Context in cooperation with Wageningen International to exchange and reflect on the SROI methodology. Visit the seminar website for more information on SROI, the seminar report and view video interveiws with speakers and participants.

To the SROI website

From research to improved policy in the tropical timber trade
How do you manage the consequences of international trade agreements on local livelihoods? Wageningen International, together with two Wageningen University science groups and partner institutes in Ghana and Indonesia, is researching the implications of an international trade agreement (FLEGT/VPA) regarding the legal production of tropical timber for the EU market on local livelihoods. Using the results of the research, the aim is to influence forestry and poverty alleviation-related policies in the EU, the Netherlands and both Ghana and Indonesia over the next few years.

Want to know more about the background of this project , activities and events? Find out more on the VPA Livelihoods website.

*Wageningen International Publications:

Green Knowledge Exchange Turkey - The Netherlands
Due to its geographical location Turkey is extremely rich in biodiversity. This pbulication is the result of an 'exploration' of the priorities felt at 'Turkish side' concerning the conservation of that rich biodiversity and the possibilities for an effective contribution to this aim through bilateral cooperation with partner organisations in The Netherlands. At the same time the Turkish view has been complemented by the view of Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations based in The Netherlands, that are currently involved in addressing biodiversity issues in Turkey. Through this study, the authors of this publication (Chris Klok and Esther Koopmanschap) aimed to provide recommendations to extend the current cooperation into a larger and more continuous 'Green Knowledge Exchange' between Turkey and The Netherlands.

Directory to Dutch organisations involved in the financing of forests and nature in tropical countries
If you want to know who is who and doing what in the financing of forests and nature in the tropics, then this guide is for you. It is the result of cooperation between Wageningen International, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Both publications can be downloaded free of charge from our website: www.cdic

*Training and learning opportunities:

Gouvernance économique en Maroc/Economic governance in Morocco
Le cours de Governance économique organisé au Maroc à la fin de lánnée passée, est un cas exemplaire qui vous montre comment à base d'un curriculum existent ( Décentralisation rurale et gouvernance locale) on puisse organiser un cours sur mesure dans une contexte spécifique. Dans la présentation vidéo en annexe, le coordinateur du cour échéant, Mme Klaver, présente un bref aperçu de cet événement.

Vous aimeriez savoir comment concevoir une formation sur mesure de votre organisation? Contactez - nous à

The end of last year a course on economic governance was organised in Morocco. This course is a nice example of how an existing course programme, Local governance for rural development, can be tailored for specific situations. Course coordinator Dieuwke Klaver comments on the experience in a video interview.

Are you interested in a tailor-made programme to suit the training needs of your organisation? Contact us at

Course Calendar 2010 now available!
The Wageningen International Course Calendar 2010 can be downloaded from our website.

NFP application deadline approaching
The application deadline with NFP deadline of 1 June 2009 is approaching for the following courses:

Leadership and adaptive management: supporting decentralised forest and nature management for rural development, 28 September - 6 November
Plant genetic resources and seeds: policies, conservation and use, 5 - 23 October
Landscape functions and people: applying strategic planning approaches for good natural resource governance, 26 October - 6 November
Fisheries data collection and analysis, 2 - 20 November
Market access for sustainable development, 2 - 20 November
Transition to sustainable crop- and livestock systems, 17 - 28 November
Governance for forest, nature and people: managing multi-stakeholder learning in sector programmes and policy processes, 23 November - 4 December

For more information on these courses, application procedures, online application and NFP scholarships, please visit our website.

Courses in 2010
Information on and online application for our for the first half of 2010 is now available on our website. Go to Agenda and click on the course of your interest.

Felicia van der Does
Wageningen International


Phone: +31(0)317-486800
Fax: +31(0)317-486801

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